Landau Network-Centro Volta (Coordinator)

Landau Network-Centro Volta
The Landau Network-Centro Volta (LNCV) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization operating as a global network of international experts supporting global security, disarmament, and cooperation. Its programmes include research on scientific and technologic cooperation for global peace support, international security, and policy issues; worldwide disarmament of Weapons of Mass Destruction; and water and energy security. LNCV is also the seat of the Executive Secretariat of the International Working Group (IWG), an informal think-tank of experts and officials sharing their personal capacities. The offices of LNCV are located in Como, Italy.

Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra

University of Coimbra

The Faculty of Sciences and Technology is the major faculty of the University of Coimbra, and a reference in higher education and research in Portugal, due to the quality of the graduation programs, and to the achievements in fundamental and applied research in different fields. The Faculty is involved in cutting-edge research to offer the best education at all levels. Eleven departments offer programs leading to the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.

Department of Animal and Human Biology of the University of Turin

University of Turin

The Department of Animal and Human Biology is one of the largest and more interdisciplinary Departments of the University of Turin. Faculty and students in the Department conduct research in many different fields, covering all aspects of animal biology from the molecular and cellular to organ and whole-organism levels. Our goal is to further our understanding of the natural world and find application in fields from conservation to biomedical sciences.

Faculty of Science and Technology, Uppsala University

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is Sweden’s best known university abroad and Sweden’s highest-ranked full university. The faculty of science and technology at Uppsala University trains bachelors and masters in engineering and natural sciences in all fields and at all levels.

Department of Biology, University of Milano

University of Milano

The Universita’ degli Studi di Milano (UNIMI) is a major research and teaching institution in Italy. UNIMI is a member of the League of 22 European Research Universities (LERU), its research being ranked among the best in Italy and Europe. UNIMI embraces an international vision of cooperation and participates in most of the activities related to training, mobility and promotion of research and culture organised by the European Commission (

The Department of Biology of UINIMI ( founded in 1982, is a multidisciplinary organization addressed to organize and promote scientific research activities in the field of Animal, Plant and Environmental Biology, and to coordinate teaching for degrees of I and II level in biology, natural sciences and biotechnology. A relevant activity is also dedicated to training of PhD students, with particular reference to the following Doctorate Schools: Natural and Environmental Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Animal Biology, Plant Biology. The main research areas are: Structural and Functional Biology, Bioenergetics, Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Ethology. The Department has a long tradition in studies and research activities at all levels based on advanced techniques and methods and offers a rich variety of services and facilities for its members, guests and students.

In terms of role in EUBARnet program, the Department of Biology is highly qualified for contributing to the interdisciplinary context and offers a wide range of competences requested in the biological area for developing both scientific and professional aspects related to the important emerging topics of Biosecurity/Biosafety and their implications for modern society, as well as for providing the correct background of knowledge and consciousness indespensable in this emerging field.