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Dual Use Ethics, is More Better?

By James Revill Ethical training represents a valuable and prevalent vehicle through which to engage scientists with dual use issues in university life science curricula. However, perhaps there is a need for caution in our expectations of ‘ethics’.  Indeed, ethics is not a monolithic concept; rather there are a number of different ethical perspectives and frameworks that can be applied generate vastly differing ‘ethical’ responses and solutions to the same problem. For example, at the academic level, much of the work done on bioethics is consistently supportive of the broader objectives of preventing the hostile exploitation of the life sciences and branding the development, production and use of biological weapons as the behaviour of a pariah, not ...

New Review Paper on “BW and the BWC: Bioethics and Dual Use”

In the “Libraries” section it is available the fourth Paper of the Review Series on Policy, Ethics and Security. The paper deals with bioethical issues related with the “dual use” dilemma. More information and the link to download the paper are available here

Article in Medicine, Conflict and Survival

An article on “Lessons learned from implementing education on dual use in Austria, Italy, Pakistan and Sweden” has been published on 20 March 2012 in a special issue of “Medicine Conflict and Survival” devoted to the issue of biological security in occasion of the Seventh Review Conference of the BTWC. Authors include the EUBARnet experts James Revill, M. Daniela Candia Carnevali and Giulio Maria Mancini. The article is accessibile from http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13623699.2012.658624. The abstract is reported below. This paper provides insights into the achievements and challenges of implementing education on dual-use in four countries: Austria, Italy, Pakistan and Sweden. It draws attention to the different institutional mechanisms through which dual-use education may be introduced into academic curricula and some of the ...