Live Feedback

Surveys, polls and questionnaires for website readers and participants to the EUBARnet seminars will be posted in this section.

Among the aims of the European Biosecurity Awareness Raising Network, there is the mapping of considerations given to biosecurity in European life sciences academia and community, and of current educational opportunities, as well as experiences, best practice, and comments.

If you teach, participate to or know any educational content related to biosecurity and/or “dual use” issues in the life sciences, the Network would highly appreciate any information you may provide regarding the case. This may include: context of education (degree course, curriculum, level, university etc), extent of education (ECTS, study time, learning objectives etc) and features (detailed contents, assessment methods, etc). Any comments, suggestions or opinions are also most welcome.

This information will be extremely useful and may be included in the report of the Network to the European Commission regarding the EU CBRN Action Plan recommendations on education and awareness raising.

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