The EUBARnet library contains a collection of resources related to the multidisciplinary concept of biosecurity including materials produced by the Network, thematic materials looking at specific areas or manifestations of biosecurity, and further opportunities in the topic. It is intended as a resource for students, educators and professionals with an interest in the area. Materials are subcategorized under the headings Articles and Suggested Readings; Guidelines and Standards; and Legislation and Regulations at the national, European and international levels.

The library is divided into several categories:

  • The first category, EUBARnet Publications, contains  subsections such as ‘Thematic Reports’, informational presentations and video lectures prepared or used by the Network.
  • The Biosecurity, Environmental Aspects and GMOs category is the first of a number of topical areas and looks at environmental risk protection, environmental biosecurity, and agricultural biosafety.
  • The categories Biosecurity and Public Health, and Management, Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity, focus on the public health and laboratory dimensions of safety and security, prevention and mitigation of risks.
  • The categories Biosecurity Bioethics and Dual Use, and Biosecurity and Misuse Prevention focus on  ethical and security aspects and on the prevention of hostile use including biological and chemical weapons.
  • In the final category, viewers can find further details of research opportunities and avenues for further engagement on biosecurity.

The library can be explored through the links below or through the use of the search bar on the top right hand column.

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