New Review Paper on “Security and Dual Use Issues in Neurosciences”

In the "Libraries" section it is available the first paper of the EUBARnet Review Series on Science and Security. It is authored by is by Prof. Malcolm Dando, expert of the Network and Professor at the University of Bradford in the UK . The paper presents and discusses Security and Dual Use Issues in Neuroscience, dealing with chemical weapons, the CWC, the prohibition regime and incapacitating agents.

Public awareness and debate on dual-use issues: the case of debate to H5N1

The case of debate to H5N1 transmission experiments in mainstream and scientific divulgation blogs The case of experiments on transmissibility of H5N1 or Avian Influenza continues to raise attention, after that  Nature has  published the paper of one of the two research groups which carried the experiments and that triggered a vast debate since the end of 2011. Late in December 2011, news reported that two research teams, at the Dutch-based Erasmus University of Rotterdam led by Dr Ron Fouchier and at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the US led by Dr Yoshihiro Kawaoka, had tweaked H5N1 virus making it potentially more contagious in mammals, possibly including humans. The naturally occurring virus has a death rate in humans of over ...