EUBARnet Seminars at Department of Life Sciences and System Biology, University of Torino


Friday, 11 May, 2012 13:30 - 16:30


Aula Magna, Via Accademia Albertina, 13, Torino


Introduzione alla Biosicurezza Giulio Mancini, Landau Network Centro Volta, Como, Italy - Etica, Biosicurezza e valutazione del rischio Maurizio Balistreri, University of Torino, Italy - Ethics of Conservation and Prevention of Environment Henk Zandvoort, Delft Technical University, Netherlands - Comunicazione del Rischio Alessandro Magnanesi, Milano - General Discussion

Organized by

University of Torino - Department of Life Sciences and System Biology. Maurizio Balistreri, Docente di Bioetica Tiziana Schilirò, Docente di Igiene Generale e Applicata Isabelle Perroteau, referente UNITO di EUBARnet


I Seminari sono rivolti a docenti e studenti delle aree delle scienze della vita (Biologia, Biotecnologia, Scienze Naturali, Agraria e corsi affini), ma anche delle aree umanistiche interessate alla bioetica e alle politiche legislative in tema di affari sociali.

Advances in the life sciences and biotechnology are having a significant impact on human life, generating benefits in a number of spheres such as health, food security, the energy sector and environmental protection. In parallel, recent years have witnessed growing concern amongst some policy makers on the potential risks that could come from the life sciences as a result of accidents, incompetence or even deliberate misuse. This problem is compounded by the seemingly limited awareness of, and engagement in, biosecurity related debates by many in the scientific community.

The European Biosecurity Awareness Raising Network (EUBARnet) connects universities and organizations in the EU that are working on raising the awareness of life scientists on biosecurity and dual-use concerns. It aims at promoting information for students and young scientists, increasing the participation of scientists in policy debate, and appraise the European Commission on the status of education on biosecurity.

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After an introduction by the hosting professor Isabelle Perroteau (EUBARnet and University of Turin), Giulio M. Mancini introduced an overview on current policies on Biosecurity, the history of misuse of biology, past state military programmes or bioterrorism episodes, and the issue of “dual use”.

Prof. Maurizio Balistreri (EUBARnet and University of Turin) talked about ethics related to the life sciences, ethical principles and different approaches to the issues raised by biology. He also touched on various ethical approaches to the environmental impacts of life sciences and biotechnologies, but also of S&T in general (see the video of the lecture, in Italian).

Prof. Henk Zandvoort (invited speaker) presented on Ethics of environmental conservation and of prevention of environmental harm, including the governance of risk, the ethical principles governing consequences of research, and the discussion over liability. He also addressed examples of both “dual use” cases and environmental accidents in the EU (download the presentation, in English, or watch the lecture, below).

Prof. Alessandro Magnagnensi (invited speaker, University of Milano) discussed about the challenges and the responsibility for scientists in communicating risks, especially those linked with biology and its impacts on public health, society and the environment (see the lecture, in Italian).