Biosecurity and Environmental Risks


Thursday, 10 May, 2012 2:30pm


Aula G09, Via Golgi 19, University of Milan, Milan (Italy)


Introduction to Biosecurity problems, Giulio Mancini, Landau Network – Centro Volta, Como, Italy Ecosystem vulnerability to accidental pollution by dangerous substances, Prof. Silvana Galassi, University of Milano, Italy Ethics of conservation and prevention of environment, Prof. Henk Zandvoort, University of Delft, Netherlands General Discussion

Organized by

M. Daniela Candia and Maria Pasini, Department of Biology, University of Milan

I Seminari sono rivolti agli Studenti dei Corsi di Laurea triennali e magistrali in Scienze Biologiche e Biologia. Gli altri Studenti di Corsi di Studio affini sono caldamente invitati a partecipare. Seminari Organizzati nell’ambito del progetto Europeo EUBARnet.

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Prof. M. Daniela Candia (Department of Life Sciences of University of Milano) welcomed participants and introduced the seminar. Giulio Mancini provided an introduction to the EUBARnet project and an overview on biosecurity terminology and issues, including examples of environmental impacts and risks connected with biosecurity, misuse of life sciences for hostile purposes and dual use issues. Examples included long-term and unexpected consequences on the environment of past biological weapons programs (download the presentation, in English).

Prof. Silvana Galassi (University of Milano) presented on “Ecosystem Vulnerability to Accidental Pollution by Dangerous Substances” with a particular focus on aquatic ecosystems. The presentation focused on prevention, response and impacts of environmental impacts of toxic risks of biological (but also chemical origin), and their relations with biosafety/biosecurity. Reference European regulation was presented, including the Seveso Directive, important historical examples and ecotoxicological models (download the presentation, and watch the video of the lecture below, both in English).

Prof. Henk Zandvoort (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) presented on Ethics of environmental conservation and prevention, including the governance of risk, the ethical principles governing consequences of research, and the discussion over liability. He also addressed examples of both “dual use” cases and environmental accidents in the EU (download the presentation, in English and watch the video below).